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The MØW [SPEAK] band is four creative artists: Ania Bratek (voc), Aga Derlak (p), Mateusz Szewczyk (b) and Adam Wajdzik (dr), who thanks to their talents can transfer listeners into an admirable world of music. Pop jazz sounds and unconventional lyrics guarantee the recipients unforgettable moments of reflection and glancing at reality from a distance.


MØW’s music is filled with emotions, not only the pleasant and joyful, but also audacious and rebellious. It’s like life – multifaceted and surprising. MØW is based in Poland, in Katowice city.


MØW released second album, “In one room” at the end of November 2021. The magic moments were caught in one room of TONN Studio under the watchful eye of talented producer Tomasz Harry Waldowski.

"Bratek is able to express the emotions as well as the melodic / harmonic contents with ease and sincere involvement, and her compositions are exciting and diverse enough to make the music flow swiftly and keep the listener interested all the way through"

                                                             - Adam Baruch, The soundtrack of my life

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